$100 Bicycle Motor Gets 50 km per Liter

Another great picture and story from Mark Steudal who sends this image and description:

This is a motorized bicycle, made in Kisumu, Kenya and purchased in Kakemega. They hold about 2 liters of petrol and can get theoretically around 50 km a liter. They cost around 7,000 Kenyan shillings. To start the bicycle you start pedaling manually, then you flip a switch on the left handle that starts the engine. Then you have a normal motorcycle throttle control on the right side.

Motor On A Bike in Kenya

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  2. Sounds logical, but it probably breaks everyday. I’ve had this same engine kit on a mountain bike ($120 new on eBay), and it was a nightmare. I spent hours tinkering with it, and in the end, i spent probably another $50 on parts that had broken and required hard customization to get back to normal.