Street Meat Heater: A Simple Solution

Simon Kasiraba is one of many sausage vendors found in the cities and small towns throughout East Africa. He’s the prototypical micro-entrepreneur trying to make a living by supplying a need (food – conveniently available). He’s on AfriGadget because of the simple innovative solution that he employs to keep his food ready to be eaten at all times of the day – which is very important when you’re set up beside a bus stop.

Sausage Cart - Simple Heating for Street Meat

He keeps the meat warm using steam, with a simple charcoal heater placed inside the body of the sausage cart. The water goes into the pipe on the side of the cart, and floods a water panel directly underneath the meat. When it gets hot, the steam keeps the sausages warm, yet juicy. The cart cost him 14,000 shillings (about $200). He sells each sausage for 10 shillings (about 0.14 cents).

Here is a video of Simon showing me his sausage heating cart:

Images of the sausage heating carts can be found in the AfriGadget Flickr image pool.

Inside the Sausage Heating Cart

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