Mubarak Abdullahi’s home-made helicopter takes Nigeria’s Kano Plains by storm

Yahoo! News (among other sources) carries a story from October 21st about Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi of the Kano Plains of Nigeria who has built a working helicopter over the last 8 months using scrap aluminum and parts from a Honda Civic, an old Toyota and from the remains of a crashed Boeing 747.

This inventor has had no formal training in flying and his helicopter has never flown higher than 7 feet of the ground. In an interview, he talks about how the machine works:

Mubarak Abdullahi’s home-made helicopter

“You start it, allow it to run for a minute or two and you then shift the accelerator forward and the propeller on top begins to spin. The further you shift the accelerator the faster it goes and once you reach 300 rmp you press the joystick and it takes off,”

Mubarak is ambitious however and has embarked on a new project to build a better helicopter that will be able to make 3 hour flights. He hopes to get support for his project from the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and other Nigerian government bodies.

Mubarak Abdullahi’s home-made helicopter  Mubarak Abdullahi’s home-made helicopter

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  22. Yeah Yeah We’ve heard all this before, but why no pictures of it actually flying? Who has actually see it fly?? Show some pics but please no ingenius Nigerian photoshoppers getting into the act now!!
    An acredited journalist from a TV Station must do an outdoor live recording. No Chroma Key (Green Screen)either Please!


    Peekaboo Mdalangi

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  24. hey i live in kano nigeria and i would really like to meet mubarak if he would agree i would really like to c the heli he build
    its really amazing wat he did b4 i saw wat he did on the internet i was looking aroung around 4 rc helicopters and i have been study closely how they work and i draw some draft sketches of the steering control and construction of a homemade helicopter. so Mubarak if u agree to meet me i’ll be glad to and plz contact me at me email …..thnx

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