Village Toys (Uganda)

Happy New Years everyone!

(The following series of images were sent in by Teddy (aka TMS Ruge) a professional photographer and an all around amazing individual who runs Project Diaspora.)

Ugandan village toys by TMS Ruge

The SUV was made from an old Cooking Oil container, I can’t remember the brand. The “top” is cut-out and they put other little belongs in there pulled it for hours. The wheels are made from old slippers, or sandles. Spokes from an old bicycle served as the axles. Banana stalk was used to pull the “vehicle”.

Ugandan village toy by TMS Ruge

Ugandan village SUV toy and children by TMS Ruge

“That’s my niece, Chris and her friend, Geofrey are in the picture. They spent hours in their own world pulling it across the yard.”

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  1. It transforms into a little bit of peace while living in a very ugly world.

  2. I think the toy is way cool. Those kids have some serious ingenuity going on. Bravo 🙂

  3. nice truck….and very nice red clay fired bricks in the backround! simple low cost long lasting housing solution in east africa. should of made them interlocking and it would save on cement…still though…nice!

  4. Hi Andrew, I appreciate that looking at that toy compared to something packaged you might see in a toyshop in the West may ‘suck’ but children have a lot of imagination – I’m sure they will continue to play with them for hours 🙂

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  6. so cute 🙂

    This little story reminds me my childhood. My sister and I were used to play with toys we made by our own. geeee

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