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  1. Afrikan people are smart. They can even fix old cars that “rich” people already threw away after giving up.
    Here in Madagascar, we believe that laziness is a source of poverty.

  2. I could be wrong, but isn’t that one half of a differential? I’m trying to think of where in a typical engine that would be, but can’t see it, although I’m not familiar with what you get out of anything beyond cars and trucks when you rip them apart.

    Certainly a much better hammer than when my father or I would try and bang something in to place with the handle of a screwdriver instead of getting an actual hammer >:)


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  4. Using what others throw away is very normal in Africa. See the ‘gear’ used as a hammer, I remember watching a lady prepare a grinding stone in Sudan using just such a tool to make the surface of the stone just right for grinding. She would make small chips over the stone so that it was more effective for grinding.

  5. I have often seen gears like these used in Sudan for chipping a grinding stone so that it continues to be effective for grinding. They are a valued asset within any community as a result.

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