Hacking an in-office shower

File this contribution from South Africa into the “odd, yet interesting file”:

“What to do when you have a bath tub, but actually want to take a shower? Easy, just use whatever office materials you can find to make your own shower. Find a long rod, balance it on top of a door and the burglar bars. Attach a sheet of plastic, using office clips. Voila, you have a shower curtain. Now we want to use both the cold and warm water taps, so using pipes and ropes to hold them in place, both sources are fed to the main pipe leading up to the shower head. The shower head is attached to a shelf bracket using oh-so-useful cable ties.”




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  1. You’d be surprised, that’s exactly what I used to live with as a student in the UK when I got *upgraded* from an electric shower (worst invention in the world) to a flat with a real hot water tank of all of 10 litres… At least it’s not as cold in ZA as it is in the UK… 🙂

  2. Of course, all this presumes that water is actually flowing through the taps… [from a Ghana resident]