AfriGadget pictures from around Accra, Ghana

I’ve been having a great time in Accra, but not nearly enough time to spend on the details of every cool product or invention that I see. In the meantime, here are a couple pictures from around Ghana that will whet your appetite for what is coming up in the next week:

A trash collector on a trike

Trash Collecting Trike in Accra Ghana

A roadside motorcycle mechanic

Motorcycle mechanic's shop

Carrying tables and chairs

Carrying tables and chairs

Hauling “trucks”

Push truck

A truck being pushed

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  1. there have been a lot of pictures like these that i’ve wanted to take – stuff seen from a cab or trotro or something – but it often seems to bug people to have drive-by photos taken by white (= not black) people. i mean nobody says anything but you can see it. any thoughts on this or how to approach this?

  2. @Paul – There is no reason to feel bad about drive-by shooting done discreetly.

    But if you don’t like it you can opt for the other approach to street photography : talk to the subject. Small talk can go far – just saying hello might break the ice. Or slight flattery like “whoah that is a lot of chair you are carrying” while you take a “do you mind if I take a picture” gesture will relax the atmosphere. Or take a minute to actually have a conversation – then you will have all the time you want to take a few pictures and have a good one, and the conversation is often even more interesting than the pictures !

    Of course sometimes it does not work… Those guys were working – greeting them from afar and taking a single picture with a smile only earned me rude gestures…

    I’m only beginning to grasp the social skills required for street photography, but I guess that the basic approach of establishing human contact naturally works… I just have to practice much more !

  3. U r right Paul but not all blacks have the freewill to take shots. For instance i tried taken a shot of a very interesting scene at a trotro station and whoa i was almost beaten up. So u c the whites take pics and get the looks but the home ppl take shots and they get what i will call “thats a journalist, get him.” kind of treatment. lol

  4. Paul u can try taking the shots from distances like in the pic above with the guys pushing the truck, that i will say will be the only best way but if u want close and personal, then u may have to let them know ur intentions. Cudos on your taking of shots spree. lol

  5. The hauling trucks often double as a car when going downhill or when one of the two Ghanaians get tired.

  6. These are wonderful pictures depicting everyday life! I have included a link back to your blog from my post today “Around The Blogosphere 13 August 09.”

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