House hold jua kali gadgets

I’ve been going around and checking out what people have at home – here are some lovely ideas to save money while recycling

See through wire radio - and it works!

This amazing radio was purchased on the street in Johannesburg

Oil filter lamp shade - with a baboon skull

Spoon for a key - if it works, why not?

Part of a landrover to clean your shoes! Get one from junk yard

Or just nail an angle iron onto two posts of wood! A tile catches the mud

Jane from Mathare Valley made this to keep her new house in Kaputei clean

Recycled beer can hat – at Kitengela Glass

Have you created something juakali at home? Let us know – we will share your pictures!

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  4. I want that radio!!! They could totally sell it in Europe as a cool must-have item!

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