A mobile phone security system for your car

In Nyeri, Kenya a young man named Peterson Mwangi has created a way to start and switch off a car engine, via an SMS command from his cell phone. This is a lot like Morris Mbetsa’s anti-theft vehicle system using SMS of a couple years ago.

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  1. Kudos to Mwangi. We need more Mwangis in Africa. Most of the inventors of the 17th and 18th centuries were not highly schooled. But they had a passion for what they did. Warning: protect your idea. Watch out for the greedy and shameless scavengers.

  2. Haia, what a nice AfriGadget! Yes, Mwangi is right, we need more creativity taught in schools, step away from ex-cathedra teaching and show what inventing and being creative is all about.

    Now, if there is one thing I’d wish then it’s that we find a way to get Safaricom & Co. into switching from A5/2 & a A5/0 to A5/1 or better on their GSM encoding. Imagine how easy it is to decode SMS and what damage this can cause. In Kenya and elsewhere where a lot of services are run via either SMS or GPRS.

    PLUS: we urgently need someone at NTVKenya, a desk officer maybe, who tells us about the AfriGadget goodies on the NTVKenya video feed. Ama?

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