Richard Turere Lion lights video

Dear all,

Richard Turere, the 13 year old inventor I posted about here, was selected to audition for TED. For his presentation Stefano Cassini and I made him a video.

Many people have been asking how to reach Richard. I am his guardian, please contact me Paula Kahumbu on

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  4. Jo this is an inspiring story for your classes, to show that black people can create ingenious things.

    • Fred,

      Your comment is very insensitive by its inference that black people are not normally inventive or have the ability to create ingenious things. Some of the best inventions that you use today were invented by black people:

      1 The carbon filament light bulb. Lewis Latimer

    • Fred,

      Your comment is very insensitive by its inference that black people are not normally inventive or have the ability to create ingenious things. Some of the best inventions that you may use today were invented by black people:

      1. The Carbon Filament light bulb. Lewis Latimer
      2. The Blood Bank. Charles Richard Drew
      3. Potato chips. George Crum

      That’s just a few.

      Go to this website and you will discover a lot more.

      Modern human beings originated in Africa and then migrated to the various regions of the world. You, me and everybody else has Black Ancestry. Don’t you just love it!

    • He saves the cattle by the flashing lights. The lions think someone is out looking and they saty back. He also saves the lions by scaring them instead of shooting them.

  5. Very cool story and a great idea, this is great for the ranchers and the lions. Outstanding Richard, congratulations on your scholarship to school! It sure would be great to get everyone every student a scholarship.

  6. When I saw your story in the internet. I was amazed. I know that when you guard the cattle and you encountered the lions I know you are a very brave young man. When I was about you age my family had animals cattle sheep goats pigs and horses. We often had wild animals kill some of our farm animals. There were cougers, bears and coyotes. Mostly they are afraid of people but often they would kill some of our animals. and I hated thekillers. None of them were as bad as lions though. In my country now there are not so many of these killers. You are both smart and brave.
    I am now 74 years old and my life has changed very much be cause the world has changed. I later became a submarine sailor and learned many highly technical things such as torpedos, missles and nuclear weapons.
    I believe that in your life you will see many changes too and I believe you will be a leader in making these change. Good luck you and your family.
    I seen where you made a remark that now people will see that a black man can make things. I am a white man and I have known for a long time that black people can do any thing a white man can do. In the US most of the intelligent white people do also. Many black people do also. I only wish that I could find a way to make all black and all white people believe that they can. If we believe in our selves we can do anything.
    Good luck and fly high young man.

    • To Ralph Weaver,

      Please reread your statement. What’s the sense of responding in the way that you did? That’s called “Indirect Racism.” The only difference from a black man and white man is skin pigment. We all are unique and talented in our own way. Please do not degrade another race based off of your own ignorance. If you were so smart, you’d pick up a few Black American history books an see that Blacks have made huge inventions and innovations that shaped the world in which we live and function today.

      • I believe that you read his statement the wrong way and he was not trying to be insulting. He sees the diversion of many different people in a population, and lets face it, black men have a raw deal. A black man has a 75% greter chance of going to jail than getting a job, 80% of black kids do not have a father around, and a 35% graduation rate if even ever attending college; all these facts are dismal at best. In school I found out that there have been several factors that contribute to the statistics including: poverty rates, bad location, and continued bad judgement out of fear (rahter than racism). To this day if you ask any race what color pure is they say “white”, if you ask them what dirty is they say “black”, not brown, not a ugly green, but black. This is what society has taught people, this is what mothers have taught their kids, this is what is taught in schools.

        The man above your comment was trying to tell the boy that he is smart and not to allow anyone label him because of his race and he is just as good as any white man because–he is. Im sure that man, as well as anyone else, knows and sees how black men are regarded.

        In my opinion you need to be sensitve to others, even if it is a white man not saying correctly what he means rather than play the race card because he said he is white and he is talking to a black little boy. There is no sense in turning an attitude to those who support a black man, or all races for that matter because your not doing anyone any good. We need more advocates than sour feelings amongst races. Be an advocate

      • To Disgusted Black Man: You need to read the article again. Richard is the one that said “now people will see black people can make things”. It sounds to me that you are like so many black people in this country, you are blinded by your own bigotry and racial hatred. Don’t try to take anything away from this kid. I believe he deserves all the praise he gets, even if it is from a white man.

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  8. Congratulations Richard, your idea is very impressive. I hope that you will be well natured in order for you to reach your full potential. You are headed for greater things.

  9. wow, am so touched by the young innovative mind. Bigup Mr.Turere and wish u all the best in yo future dreams and may God help u to achieve every bit of them.kudos…

  10. i am indeed very impressed from kenya comes the president of the whole world which is Barrack Obama from kenya again comes a world inventor of hw to save livestocks from predators More power to your elbow We Africans as a whole are proud of you, you will go places and become a very famous individual someday May the Lord guard you

  11. I know the problems you faced led you to innovate gadget,You are like David in the Bible who used fight lions to save his fathers flock.I see you have a big heart for your flock,and if you have that heart for flock then you have great love for men.I prophesy you will be one day be a great leader who will move this country of Kenya to great levels of prosperity,and you will fight our great enemy of poverty,corruption,ethnicity.
    I pray that God keep you and direct all your steps.

  12. What a fantastic story about a very intelligent young man. I’m very impressed that he didn’t just solve one problem (losing livestock) but also a 2nd problem (the killing of lions which could hurt tourism). Congratulations to Richard. I hope that he has a very bright (no pun intended) future.

  13. Congratulations Richard,
    Well done!
    You’re saving your family and their cattle, you’ve created a non-violent way to preserve the lion population and you’re now going to an amazing school!
    You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.
    All the best and many blessings!