Nokia: Bicycle Charger Kit for Mobiles

There was a major announcement today from Nokia about the release of cheap phones for the emerging markets, featuring dual sims and the ever useful LED flashlight. What is even more interesting is that with the launch of the phones, a bicycle charger kit. According to CNET Asia, the kit will be available by year’s … Continue reading “Nokia: Bicycle Charger Kit for Mobiles”

Modified bicycles in Kenya – 100% Afrigadget!

My good friend Jagi Gakunju who runs the Kenyan environmental cyclists club Uvumbuzi club told me about this project which immediately caught my attention. It’s a collaboration with Africans and a Dutch organization. You can read all about Cycling Blue in Kisumu on their Cycling Blue blog The Cycling Blue Kenya workshop is providing courses, … Continue reading “Modified bicycles in Kenya – 100% Afrigadget!”

Motorized Bicycles in Nairobi

I was driving down a street in Nairobi today and did a double-take when I saw a man standing by a motorized bicycle. One u-turn (of questionable legality) later and I was chatting with Samuel Magethe, a local carpenter who does house calls. Apparently, he usually carries his toolbox and wood supplies on the back … Continue reading “Motorized Bicycles in Nairobi”

Video of home made bicycle repair tools and gadgets in Nairobi

In Africa bicycle repair men can be found everywhere, from under a tree to in the local vegetable market, one of the best places to find African innovations. At the Karen market I met the charismatic Mohammed Makokha who proudly showed me two of his home made gadgets that are critical for his business. I’ve … Continue reading “Video of home made bicycle repair tools and gadgets in Nairobi”

Retrofit Turns a bicycle to an ‘Ambulance’

Zambikes is a project that retrofits bicycles by adding a trailer. This is especially useful in rural Zambia (and other parts of Africa) where there aren’t many cars to get the sick to hospital, much less an ambulance. Watch how the ‘Zambulance’ retrofit is made… The ‘ZamCart’ A multipurpose trailer Interestingly, the Zambike project sells … Continue reading “Retrofit Turns a bicycle to an ‘Ambulance’”