William’s Windmill

William’s Windmill, originally uploaded by whiteafrican. Inspiring, innovative and representative of what Africa’s future holds. William Kamkwamba is a 19 year old Malawian who built his first windmill at 14. Here he is, pictured just this last week doing some work on his windmill near his home. The propellers are made of plastic pipes supported … Continue reading “William’s Windmill”

Homemade Windmill in Malawi

A young man has created a windmill out of spare parts in Malawi. William Kamkwamba says one day while reading he came across two books, Using Energy and How it Works, which are about generation of electricity using a windmill. On a trial and error basis, he managed to make a small windmill which generated … Continue reading “Homemade Windmill in Malawi”

Karts for Rural Africa

Practical Action is a group that endevors to help solve problems in developing nations from the perspective of those in poor or rural areas. One of their projects is to help solve transportation needs. The programme employs the following to improve transport: Introduction and improvement of affordable means of transport such as bicycles, trailers, animal … Continue reading “Karts for Rural Africa”

A MAKE Philosphy for Africa

MAKE magazine is the epitome of Western gadget and technological home-made ingenuity. MAKE magazine is very much the American version of AfriGadget. I love the magazine, it’s one of two magazines that I subscribe to. What’s different about African mechanics and gadgetery is that it’s generally made with much fewer, and more basic, materials. Where … Continue reading “A MAKE Philosphy for Africa”