The Grassroots Reporting Project

One of our goals at AfriGadget is to find more stories of African ingenuity. The Grassroots Reporting Project is our plan to find, equip and train more AfriGadget reporters in the field throughout Africa.

AfriGadget Grassroots Reporting ProjectAfriGadget’s goal is to leverage the power of current and emerging technology such as video cameras, digital cameras, laptops and phones to bring quality content online and eventually on television.

A combination of mobile phones and computers will be assigned to individuals in 10 African countries for the purpose of getting more on-the-ground reporting of stories of African ingenuity to the world. An AfriGadget editor will be in charge of identifying the best candidates for inclusion in the program. This editor will also travel to each country to train and equip the new AfriGadget reporters for the program.

This is possible by creating a network of field reporters who report on stories that meet the following criteria:

  • Ingenious innovation that is new, or a repurposing of existing technology in a new way.
  • Interesting in the sense that the story captures the imagination of others, inspiring others to see solutions in uncommon ways.
  • Practical ideas that solve problems in a demonstrable way.
  • Entrepreneurs who are inventing new products or solutions.

If you are interested in being a part of the AfriGadget Grassroots Project, as a sponsor or donor, get in contact with us!