AfriGadgets are local solutions to local problems. AfriGadget.com is a website dedicated to showcasing African ingenuity. This website was created in 2005 and filled with stories by the following editors (in alphabetical order). Some posts are contribued by guest editors which are marked in each post.

If you would also like to contribute interesting content that may be described as an AfriGadget, please feel free to contact and tell us all about it – thank you!


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AfriGadget.com is as of June 2018 hosted on a new server that was set up following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In short: We care about your data and have in the past and will in future never misuse it for any illegal activities. What you may share with us is your contact data (your ip address when you comment, your name and your email address so that we can get back to you). We have a privacy policy that was carefully revised and we will try to reply on most comments and requests as they come in.

Please note that this is a non-commercial group blog, so we can not offer any financial support. We do, however, include advertisment where we find it appropriate or to promote a maker.


Sharing is caring. We believe in the Creative Commons, hence all our own content is shared under a “Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence“, which means you are free to share and adapt the material on this website for any purpose, even commercially (but please link back to us, thank you).

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