Bio Latrines in Kenyan Slums

Marlies sends us a bunch of pictures and an interesting story on how bio gas toilets in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya are being used:

Just the other day on a visit to Kibera Slum I came across this interesting bio gas latrine which is being set up for Kibera people as a response to lacking community toilets. The sanitation situation in Kibera is really really poor! There are a couple of community toilets which where set up after the shooting of the Constant Gardener but only a few years later these are in bad shape! Again, they cost 3/= per visit which is really above of what a typical Kibera inhabitant can afford. Just sum up what it will cost for 5 visits per day for a family of five! So the bio gas latrine is a really good option, since it will generate a little income to make the toilets free of charge.

Here are some pictures:

Kibera bio gas
Kibera Bio Gas Building
Kibera Bio Gas 2 has a great writeup on how these work.

[NOTE: If you have any images, stories or reports you’d like others to know about, you can contact us through the AfriGadget contact form. – Thanks Marlies!]

New images! (July 17, 2007). Thanks to Christian Rieck and Marlies:

Bio Latrine - Kibera

Bio Latrine Tower

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  11. Excellent – I’ve been looking for info on biodigesters using human waste. It’s such a huge resource that should be treated as an opportunity, not as a problem.

    I’d love to know more so I can add it to the resource at Appropedia – or even better, have the people involved in it add it directly to Appropedia’s sanitation page (or make a new page).

    How is this design for cost-effectiveness? Is it subsidized? Whose initiative was it?

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  14. Biogas latrines are nice, but pls also have a look at this PDF I received through the ecosan mailing list the other day:

    Toilets That Make Compost:
    Low-cost, sanitary toilets that produce valuable compost for crops in an
    African context

    By Peter Morgan, Aquamor, Harare, Zimbabwe

    To download a copy (NB 114 pages, 6.5 MB)

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  16. I want to build biogas digester at home , in order to build the digester, i need to have the drawing. If you have the drawing of old model type digester, I
    really apriceate.

  17. The Kenyan Newspaper “The Standard” today mentioned this Biogas latrine in Kibera in an interesting article.

    While it certainly is an improvement, the system still isn’t 100% sustainable as there’s no real concept for the digested sludge.

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  19. this are real and practical solutions any one out who explain to all t is required in the setting of bio-gas generator.plse contact me on this email thanks.

  20. this are real and practical solutions any one out who explain to me all that is required in the setting of bio-gas generator.plse contact me on this email thanks.

  21. this are real and practical solutions any one out there who explain to me all that is required in the setting of bio-gas generator.plse contact me on this email thanks.

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  23. Any one in East and central Africa who wants an industrial Bio gas plant contact me-Design,supply and fix.

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