Ball Valve Chlorine Doser

Chlorine water filter and doser

With one 5 liter bag of chlorine, and a device that costs $3 to build, you can clean 100,000 liters of water.

Here at Maker Faire Africa is Killian Deku, a Ghanaian working in the IDDS program, has created a ball valve chlorine doser with the help of his team mates from India, the US and Tanzania. Their only real costs were the ball valve and the time taken to create the bamboo structure that holds it. The one variable cost is the bag of chlorine used to cleanse the water.

Ball Valve Chlorine Water Cleanser from WhiteAfrican on Vimeo.

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  1. Chlorine dioxide [] works on the same principle, taken orally in similarly small doses and can eliminate the malaria parasite in hours! Think of the possibilities for removing an HIV patient’s entire pathogenic load….
    Cleaning the water is the other essential stage but also eliminating the mosquitos before they can bite is necessary too. This is very promising research; modifying mosquitoes to make them die young, before becoming infectious [].

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