Global Peace Village or a Scrap Yard?

Community members accuse him of being involved with witchcraft, the local government forbids him to showcase his work …the Zimbabwean artist, Dexter Nyamainashe has been collecting scrap to create art for six years now. Dexter collects all his created art objects together in his one masterpiece: The “global village of peace”.

This inspiring artist-activist goes against all odds to follow his passion. Dexter sees beauty in what most of us would just call ordinary ‘scrap’. Dexter, an inspiring man we can all learn something from…

Please find the original story and more information about Dexter and his work here on the Tashanda blog

4 thoughts on “Global Peace Village or a Scrap Yard?”

  1. Amazing story, I love it. I wish you’d captured the photos here – very powerful. Interesting that Dexter is concerned about the way the world is headed,….and he’s in Zimbabwe! I hope his work gets some recognition through this.

  2. I wish somebody could let him know his work has been profiled online on at least two websites…this can give him confidence to keep on believing in his passion!

  3. hey and Paula, about those pictures…yeah I thought about posting more here, but then decided that it would be great to redirect the curious people to the original story and give them some traffic too!

  4. Hi
    I am the Tashanda website blogger & the person who discovered Dexter at a shopping center in Harare. Just so you know, I did tell him about all the interest he has been receiving and even showed him the articles online. He was very happy to say the least. One great thing about this exposure is that he was also featured in online magazines in the UK & Australia, which I did not expect. I really do think he has amazing talent and I wish I could do more than simply spread the word. I’ve added videos to my blog so you can hear him speak about his art.

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