AfriGadget Videos now on Zoopy!

Joining the AfriGadget community with Zoopy’s video community

Over the past two years AfriGadget videos have been hosted haphazardly by our team on YouTube and Brightcove. We’re very happy to announce that we’re partnering with one of Africa’s premier video and image hosting sites, Zoopy, for all of our videos from now on. We’re all about promoting African entrepreneurs, and this is no exception.

Jason, and the team at Zoopy, has created a customized channel for us, that can be found at They’ve been brilliant, responsive and patient all through the setup process.

AfriGadget videos can now be found on
AfriGadget videos can now be found on

Look for a few more videos going up on Zoopy than we used to put up elsewhere, some of them the outtakes that are just sitting in the archive. We’re not video pros, as most of you know by now, but it sure is great to hear these innovators tell their own story in their own words.

Here’s an example from a story on a lady and her daughter who make custom fishing flies: