An Interview with Rob Katz of (Video)

Straying from the usual fare for a couple days, I wanted to post an interview that I did with Rob Katz, who runs a blog focused on businesses and entrepreneurs who are creating wealth at the “bottom of the pyramid” – those that make up the poorest 1 billion on the planet. It’s called

I had a chance to meet him last week at a conference called Pop!Tech in the United States. Many of the businesses and entrepreneurs featured on AfriGadget fit this model. If you’re interested in this subject, you’re probably already following his blog. If not, jump on over there and dig into some of the articles.

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  1. Rob, you’re looking good there on that video thingy. Love the community of practice phrase dropping you do too. Thanks for keeping up the conversation.

  2. Wayan, haha, thanks. The real credit goes to Erik for his post-production – you make this look so professional, very impressive man! I guess that’s why your blog is called AfriGADGET, eh?

    Of course, stay tuned for the Erik interview over on NextBillion – I need to spend some time editing that this week…

  3. Always thought you were born to broadcast, Rob! You make a compelling case and look cool too! (Has the language of Election 2008 oozed into yours – “the fundamentals…?!”) A very powerful and important 90 seconds – keep up your important work!

  4. What’s amazing is that Rob did this completely impromptu. I whipped out the camera, and he just launched into the perfect 90-second spiel that perfectly described NextBillion. Quite honestly, I was amazed and then embarrassed because I had done such a poor job with my AfriGadget interview compared to him! 🙂

  5. i think this is giving everyone hope that we can do and manufacture our own gadgets,keep up the good work,will be following your blogs,i started my blog ,and invite you i hope you will leave a comment.

  6. Rob – Your interview clearly explains both who the “next billion” people are and why they are termed “the bottom of the pyramid.” You succinctly and compellingly describe why Acumen and WWF care and how they are working to encourage business development that is both for, and by, these individuals. And you look great too! Thanks so much.

  7. Rob- great interview. Explaining what NextBillion is in a nutshell! Congrats, Ana

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