Retrofit Turns a bicycle to an ‘Ambulance’

Zambikes is a project that retrofits bicycles by adding a trailer. This is especially useful in rural Zambia (and other parts of Africa) where there aren’t many cars to get the sick to hospital, much less an ambulance.

Watch how the ‘Zambulance’ retrofit is made…

The ‘ZamCart’
A multipurpose trailer


Interestingly, the Zambike project sells and outfits bikes under the local brand name of ‘Amaka Sana’, the Bemba word for ‘very strong’ .

To learn more: and follow @ACIRFA_Zambikes on twitter

via Timbuktu Chronicles

Author: Juliana Rotich

African, Kenyan, Blogger. I am fascinated by solar energy tech, and the empowering, leapfrogging nature of technology for Africa.

6 thoughts on “Retrofit Turns a bicycle to an ‘Ambulance’”

  1. I’ve been working to get a bicycle engine put on a Zambike. (you can see it on my blog)

    The ones you can buy in Zambia are Chinese with poor quality. Hoping to source some spares for the 50cc model, but have only found a guy doing the 80cc model so far.

    Also, I think the bamboo bike and the zambulance are the smaller parts of Zambikes work, I truly believe that just having a high quality bike available is improving thousands of micro businesses in Zambia. The other two are nice, but to me they’re just extras.


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