Video of home made bicycle repair tools and gadgets in Nairobi

In Africa bicycle repair men can be found everywhere, from under a tree to in the local vegetable market, one of the best places to find African innovations.

At the Karen market I met the charismatic Mohammed Makokha who proudly showed me two of his home made gadgets that are critical for his business.

I’ve obviously been wasting my money in the bicycle stores.

7 thoughts on “Video of home made bicycle repair tools and gadgets in Nairobi”

  1. great blog, but one remark on the video – you sound like giving orders. One thing I learnt in Ghana is that they are much more polite than lets say a common german. While the last is giving orders to get his job done the first says “please” and adds some title (“uncle”, “sista”, “driver”) and asks for the health before coming to the point. It would also be polite to introduce yourself before you ask for the name of the other person – otherwise it sounds …authoritarian.
    This is just ONE good thing I learnt in Africa though I think lot of it is hipocrisy as politeness ever is as long as respect is due to fear and not of understanding the natural fear of the other person.

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