Modified bicycles in Kenya – 100% Afrigadget!

My good friend Jagi Gakunju who runs the Kenyan environmental cyclists club Uvumbuzi club told me about this project which immediately caught my attention. It’s a collaboration with Africans and a Dutch organization.

You can read all about Cycling Blue in Kisumu on their Cycling Blue blog

modified bicycles Kenya Kisumu

The Cycling Blue Kenya workshop is providing courses, micro credit for (modified) bicycles and creating of employment, it is aimed to reduce poverty. In the workshop bicycles will be modified to create bicycle carts (for instance bicycle ambulances) for sale. Who buys them?  Garbage collectors, local entrepreneurs who want a (modified) bicycle to generate income such as the Cool coolbox, bicycles with extended carriers for transport of cabbages.

Here’s what they are cooking at the moment in Kisumu

bicycles, afrigadget

The idea that bicycles in Africa get modified and adapted for local uses is definitely 100% afrigadget.

Check out the brilliant Cycling out of poverty  website here for more photos and videos.  For more information Luuk Eickmans

Cycling out of poverty

If you and your family want a great weekend out on bikes, join the Uvumbuzi cycling club here

8 thoughts on “Modified bicycles in Kenya – 100% Afrigadget!”

  1. I think one of the big flaws with the US is that bicycle commuting is relatively uncommon. Of course, this isn’t true of all areas in the US, as there are a number of cities that are bicycle friendly, but in most places, bicycle commuting isn’t a viable option.

    This program in Kenya seems to be a great way to stimulate the economy and could have long term effects as well. I would love to see something similar in the US…

  2. Hi Hedberg, Kenya isn’t really designed for bicycle traffic but Uvumbuzi club is trying to get the roads ministry to listen and respond to the need. Check out the coop bike above – I just uploaded it.

  3. I just stumbled on your blog through your wife’s facebook, nice to read what you are doing in Kenya. I went on several bikeathons with Uvumbuzi club to Magadi Soda, they were awesome. Maybe when we come by next time, Sila and I will come and say hi!

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