Recycling – tyres, motorbike wheels and water pumps

What do you get if you cross tractor tyres, motorbike wheels and a water pump? Well, in Africa you could get anything! Here’s an odd combination of things related to water – recycled tractor tyres cut to make water troughs

This contribution is thanks to Bankelele (the very cool Kenyan blogger) who responded to a recent post on tractor tyres with the comment “I found a similar one last week and e-mailed it to hash, but perhaps the pics should be added to this post as its the same use of tractor tyre for livestock water”. He spotted it in Feb 2010 during funeral at a homestead in kapsowar, Kenya (note to Banks – Thanks for this, and next time send me low res pics dude!)

water pump engine used for a grinder
well it works doesn't it?

Here’s another water related gadget – a water pump turned into a grinder – and why not? This was spotted and photographed in Gikomba in Nairobi Kenya by Dominic Wanjihia.

wheel barrow

A modified wheel barrow that makes so much more sense – motorbike tyres and check out the puncture proofing on the wheel below

Puncture proof!

This was spotted on the Limuru  road works near Nairobi Kenya. Have you seen anything interesting that you’d like to contribute to Afrigadget? Don’t be shy! Send it to us – we’d love to get contributions from across the continent.

8 thoughts on “Recycling – tyres, motorbike wheels and water pumps”

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  2. I have frequently seen tractor tyres used in this way for both water and feed in Western Kenya. I have taken several photos.
    Last week we had a flat tyre on the way to Nairobi from Kisumu and had to stop at a jua kali repair shop. They also had a tractor tyre cut this way as their water container for locating the puncture. Unfortunately I did not have my camera out at the time.

  3. That grinder idea is pretty cool. I wonder how effective it is.

    Really though, I think using old tires for water/feed dishes is the most innovative. I have a few tractor repair/manufacturing plants right by my house, when I get some time, I might have to see if they have any old tires. This set seems a lot simpler and easier to make/clean than the other ones…

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  5. Nice to see those junk were turned into useful one. Well, I think we don’t really need to throw tires since it can be a form of container. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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