Afrigadget: Showcasing African Ingenuity

The purpose of Afrigadget is to showcase African ingenuity with technology.  Many times Africans do not have access to the same quality tools or items that are found in other areas of the world.  What is available to be used to solve problems or fix equipment can be wide and varied.  You would be surprised at what can be made, fixed or created with bailing wire, inner-tubes and wood.

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  3. Thanks Sokari, hopefully this site will be both informative and fun. 🙂

    Also, if you have any Nigerian friends who you think would be good contributors, send them this way. We’re looking for a few more good authors.

  4. Amazing people,ideas and things happing.I wish It was possible to send all the stuff we throw away in New Zealand,you guys could turn it into something useful.