Podcast via FM Radio

(via Timbuktu Chronicles and KenyanPundit)

Broadcast Your Podcast (BYP) could allow Africans the ability to broacast their messages on a local FM channel. This technology allows podcasters the ability to reach the millions of listeners that don’t have access to the web. The BYP can broadcast up to 100 meters, is made to be rugged and portable, and takes easy-to-find 9 volt batteries.

Inside a BYP
Broadcast your podcast on FM radio

Want to make your own? See Adam Hyde’s tutorial.

Author: Erik Hersman

Erik is the owner of White African, a blog about technology and Africa. He is the co-founder of Zangu, a new web and mobile phone application that he hopes will change communication in Africa. AfriGadget is another web project of his, not that he doesn't have enough of those already...

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