Afrigadget Accessories

These are a few accesories that exemplify Afrocentric craftsmanship, functional, beautiful and albeit quite cool, an intersection of technology and art…
Via Timbuktu Chronicles

USB case mod from Sao Tome e principe

USB case mod

It does not appear to be available for purchase at this time yet, but will be available in future. The portuguese site to check is here, ofcourse if i find out how to get this, i will update this entry.

From Kenya, via M

The Safari Pod.

lion safari pod

A carved Lion ipod stand crafted by Kenyan artisans.
There are 5 types of stands available for purchase, one for each of the ‘big five’ animals, including Giraffe, Hippo, Cheetah and elephant. The ‘big five’ is a popular touristy reference to the main attractions at the renowned Kenyan wildlife parks.

Author: Juliana Rotich

African, Kenyan, Blogger. I am fascinated by solar energy tech, and the empowering, leapfrogging nature of technology for Africa.

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  2. thanks hash…my first on afrigadget after eons. A podcast would be really cool, i will try to find the time to do that (cant promise just yet) M mentioned that he would check maasai market if someone can get the Ipod stand, will see if there is anything there. I would have the artisans add a hole/space to allow for the charger cord, so someone can put the ipod on the stand while it charges.

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