Wheel Chair/Mobile Phone Booth

*Ruud Elmendoorp reports from Nairobi:

I need not add more to this, do watch the video, it speaks volumes. (Ruud speaks in Dutch with English subtitles, though some interaction between Ruud, Duncan and John is in English)

Nowadays in Nairobi, and lately also Kampala, people living with a handicap are converting their wheelchairs into mobile phone booths. Instead of begging they are now making a living.

Kudos to Duncan and John for reminding us that we can triumph over difficult circumstances with ingenuity.

A Make philosophy for Africa indeed.

*Thank you Ruud for providing the video and giving us permission to include it on this post. Ruud has been making documentaries around Africa for awhile. He is headed to southern Sudan, you can keep up with his reports by visiting his site

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African, Kenyan, Blogger. I am fascinated by solar energy tech, and the empowering, leapfrogging nature of technology for Africa.

12 thoughts on “Wheel Chair/Mobile Phone Booth”

  1. Afrigadget is spreading throughout Africa.It is a good technique converting wheel chair as a mobile phone booth. Momax is a sale point of mobile phones with wide range available present .

  2. It is great to see entrepreneurial skills flourishing within some of the poorest economies in the world. With this much passion and effort, the future looks bright.

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