18 year old self-taught electronics “genius” invents mobile phone-based vehicle anti-theft system.

Morris Mbetsa, an 18 year old self-taught inventor with no formal electronics training from the coastal tourist town of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean in Kenya, has invented the “Block & Track”, a mobile phone-based anti-theft device and vehicle tracking system.

The system, that Mbetsa created by combining technology from projects that he has completed in the past, uses a combination of voice, DTMF and SMS text messages over cell-based phone service to carry codes and messages that allow control of some of a vehicles’ electrical systems including the ignition to manage vehicle activation and disabling remotely in real time.

Another feature of the system is the capacity to poll the vehicle owner by mobile phone for permission to start when the ignition is turned in real time as well as eavesdrop on conversation in the vehicle.

Mbetsa is now looking for funding to commercially develop his proof of concept and bring it to the market as reported on this video carried on the Kenya Television Network earlier this year.

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37 thoughts on “18 year old self-taught electronics “genius” invents mobile phone-based vehicle anti-theft system.”

  1. WoW , what an amazing thing , I thought about similar idea but for motorcycles , but I think this invention satisfies all my ideas , God bless him.


  2. I think it will not work. Because regular car anti-theft systems use complex coding and ciphering algorithms, otherwise a malefactor can intercept the radio signal and control the car.

  3. Hi bro
    nice of you bro, its this time I met you an bro at mariakani 27th/07/2009 an felt proud of you good job
    keep it up

  4. Congratulations Morris Mbetsa !
    I am so happy that young Kenyans are becoming very innovative and future inventors. My name is Washington Mwamburi and I am in the Shipping and logistics company services in Mombasa, Kenya. Your mobile phone-based vehicle anti-theft system will help us track our new cars when they get stolen and better yet stop people from stealing our vehicles in the first place. I will definitely buy one of your products.

    Thanks !

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