Rural Bio Gas Generator in Kenya

Mark Steudal, a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, sends us this:

This is a picture of a Bio Gas generator. It is basically a 9 foot deep well that is filled with manure and water from the nearby cows. A huge drum is then placed into the well. The drum catches the methane gases that are generated from the manure decomposing, which due to the pressure of the large drum are pumped into the house by a underground hose. This family did most of their cooking on the gas, didn’t need to use firewood or buy charcoal (except when making chapatis of course).

Bio-gas Kenya

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Homemade Windmill in Malawi

William Kamkwamba of Mastala VillageA young man has created a windmill out of spare parts in Malawi.

William Kamkwamba says one day while reading he came across two books, Using Energy and How it Works, which are about generation of electricity using a windmill.

On a trial and error basis, he managed to make a small windmill which generated electricity enough to light his dorm. Seeing its success he planned for a bigger one so that his parents could benefit and some well-wishers gave him money to get some of the materials he needed.

In total, he spent a total of 2200 Malawi Kwachas, which is equivalent to $16. William is saving his family money on home lighting expenses, recharges people’s mobile phones and radio batteries, and also charges his own automobile battery for backup power.

Unlike most windmills, where the propellers turn the spindle connected to the turbines directly, William added pulleys to his machine to increase speed thereby generating more energy.

There are three pulleys and the last is connected to a bicycle wheel. When this wheel turns, it spins a dynamo which in turn generates electricity.

Homemade Windmill Malawi

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