“I Try and I Make”

I found a story about a young Malawian who had built a windmill from scratch to help power the lights in his rural home. When I showed up at TED Global in Arusha in June, I had no idea that I would meet him. At that point, he hadn’t been introduced to the larger TED community, so I was this lone excited voice squawking about how thrilled I was to meet him.

2 Days later, William Kamkwamba was introduced to the TED community on stage:

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  6. To make the obvious even more obvious TEDGlobal talks are now online http://www.ted.com/

    On William’s blog Eric left a comment and William wrote back in the comments: “Hash, look for the step by step on my new electrical system.” The point is we can all be excited when we solve everyday problems with ingenuity.

    Thanks to Eric and thanks to William for bringing that excitement to life.

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