How to make a home-made water filter.

Over at kikuyumoja’s realm, JKE makes a water filter using little more than a couple of plastic containers, a ceramic element and loads of ingenuity.

Components for a home-made water filter.

Water filter after setup.

This is an great way to solve the problem of obtaining potable water in places with a plentiful supply of untreated water.

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29 thoughts on “How to make a home-made water filter.”

  1. Great idea! The ceramic filters filter around 1 liter of water an hour or so. To speed up the filtration you can add a couple more into your buckets.

    -Mark (Kenya Peace Corps Volunteer)

    Thanks for the great improvement idea Mark!

    – Steve

  2. I made these as a PCV in Kenya in the early 90s. A great modification I made to this plan was to put a tap on the bottom bucket, which allows you to keep the filtered water clean. Don’t have to dip an unclean cup into it.

    JKE took your advice and added one
    – Steve

  3. That’s Great !

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  4. Very good idea, we promoted this idea already some years ago in Western Kenya and our project made many thousands of it.

    The system is known under the name ‘Kisii filter Bucket’

    for more info, google for ‘kisii filer’ or visit our website


    we can also supply you with the necessary filter candles and taps.

    Paul van Beers
    Watsan Consult

  5. Aquasana – the leader has an array of water filters in the market which are result of years of research and development. Our products speak volumes about our competence in the market. Aquasana water filters have not been designed to meet only minimum government or industry standards but also to provide a state of well-being to the entire society. Our products guarantee best tasting pure drinking as well as shower water in the entire world. No other water filters at any price can compete with us. Our water filters have always outperformed its nearest rivals and the burgeoning list of customers is testimony to our stature in the ever-growing market.

  6. “Kisii Water Filter”!? I should have promoted it more in 1990 and then I could have called it the “Takaungu Water Filter”! The filters were available in many shops in all the major shops in Kenya.

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  9. I read some of the comments, and I was sad to see that people have to put down your home-made water filter. I own a whole house water filter and it cost me over $1,000, but since I live in an older home, it cost me almost the same to install it! Frankly, if folks can’t afford to buy a water filter, why not use a home made one. I have nothing against a quality water filter and I use them. Most folks won’t have the trouble I do with the cost of installation, and drinking filters are not expensive at all to install.

    anyway…good work…Ntwiga. Also, I realize that not everyone lives in a country or have the resources to use the quality water filters.

  10. Whole house water filter systems represent the present pinnacle of water filtration technology. While there will certainly be new developments and greater technological advances in the future of water filtration, at this moment in time, whole house water filters are the #1 certified water treatment method for the removal of dangerous water contaminants. In the following paragraphs, you will find some of the more important reasons for purchase and benefits of whole house water filter systems.

  11. When working in Sudan in the 1980s all the Across stations had water filters made like this. We used two or three candles to speed up the rate of filtration.

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