Fish ‘call’ the Fisherman

Pascal Katana, a Fourth Year student at the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, developed an electronic device that ‘automates’ fishing. The trap employs amplification of the sound made by fish while feeding. The acoustic signals are radiated and attract other fish who head toward the direction of the source thinking there is food there.
Once a good catch is detected by a net weighing mechanism, it triggers a GPRS/GSM device attatched to the system and the fisherman gets a call/sms informing him that his catch is ready. Pascal is in the process of developing a by-catch control system which will ensure that his contraption doesn’t cause overfishing.

8 thoughts on “Fish ‘call’ the Fisherman”

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  2. First Simon Mwaura’s Mobile Remote Control Inventions, and now this. Oh, my.

    Someone at my workplace (he works in engineering) recently declared his frustration at mobile phones marketing to poor people in Africa and India. In his opinion, there are so many people who do not have clean water, that it must be morally wrong to sell electronic gadgets to the suffering masses. I guess he needed proof that his life is somehow better than it feels…

  3. Thanks for posting this Obie, I was hoping to interview him – glad you beat me to it. I introduced him to WWF International and he has been entered into their competition called smartgear – please everyone, send Pascal your wishes – may he win and make us proud. Hoping this will raise his profile and enable him to continue further his education and in USA or Europe.! FINGERS AND TOES ALL CROSSED

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