The Women of Minyore

Kenya-based video journalist Ruud Elmendorp recently compiled this report on the Women of Minyore, who live on a dump site near Nakuru, Kenya and make art out of various plastic waste: “‘Here is where I come every morning to collect plastics from the garbage.’ Lucy Wambui is 50 and with a stick she grubs through … Continue reading “The Women of Minyore”

Mobile Phone Based Auto Security System (Video)

Ruud Elmendorp, a video journalist living in East Africa, has done a more in depth interview with the young Morris Mbetsa who we recently talked about with his mobile phone-based car security system. “You don’t need a computer, you don’t need a monthly subscription fee, you just need your mobile phone.” He’s now looking to … Continue reading “Mobile Phone Based Auto Security System (Video)”

Simpsons Carvings from Kenya

This one is not exactly AfriGadget, more like an AfriToy, but we love the story nonetheless. The video reporter Ruud Elmendorp visited the small village of Tabaaka, near Kakamega, in western province Kenya. Below is a video showing the master carvers at work, creating soapstone figures of The Simpsons characters. The carvings are available for … Continue reading “Simpsons Carvings from Kenya”

Wheel Chair/Mobile Phone Booth

*Ruud Elmendoorp reports from Nairobi: I need not add more to this, do watch the video, it speaks volumes. (Ruud speaks in Dutch with English subtitles, though some interaction between Ruud, Duncan and John is in English) Nowadays in Nairobi, and lately also Kampala, people living with a handicap are converting their wheelchairs into mobile … Continue reading “Wheel Chair/Mobile Phone Booth”