AfriGadget makes Time Magazine’s “50 best sites for 2008” list.

We just received some great news.

AfriGadget was included in Time Magazine’s list of 50 best sites for 2008.

AfriGadget: 50 best sites of 2008

This is quite an honor especially in light of the fact that AfriGadget is run entirely by volunteers. Good news though, our posting frequency should go up shortly as we have a team in the field sourcing stories right now.

As a primer to all things AfriGadget, here are links to our Flickr Group and Grassroots Reporting Project as well as a list of some of our favorite/most popular stories.

The AfriGadget Team.

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13 thoughts on “AfriGadget makes Time Magazine’s “50 best sites for 2008” list.”

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  2. Honours of this magnitude are bound to come when you consider that what you offer is so unique and has immediate application and value. The lights from Just a band for example can immediately cut costs dramatically for any film maker.

  3. Firefox 3 is reporting this site as an “attacked site” and is blocking users from visiting based on the fact that there was one recent attack. I don’t know how you can get removed from the list of attacked sites, but it will certainly limit the number of people who come here from Time, as I did.

  4. AS Jeff says, they messed up the link – one too many Ws! I’ve emailed them to say so and hopefully they’ll change it.

  5. congrats! i found this blog because of the time story, and love it. as a teenager i went to Kenya on a school trip, and Africa has become an obsession of mine since (not an uncommon phenomenon – i’ve talked to at least two others who have had the same experience). i am so pleased to be able to read about the good things that are happening all over the continent, stories that highlight the genius, independence, and innovation of a group of people who are all too often painted as complete victims.

    thank you.

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